NO3: Conference Du Presse

Walking in one becomes confused as you peer over foam rimmed glasses as everyday beer drinkers in polos from Walmart chatter away enjoying their 5 to 7. It's perplexing not only because I am draped in robins egg blue bow with matching mini shorts but because I was their to attend conference du presse for the next runway installment for No3, a series of fashion events that began last fall and is ready to show off a new set of 23 designers at the end of the month.
In the back room the air opened up, the light poured in through open windows and skylights. The ambience was chill, chic, and urban but would not let you forget it was still daytime so watch how many time you skipped over to the bar.
Overall a rather short gathering filled with a comedic musical performance by Band de Polis, announcements, cocktails, and I stepped in for an interview with one of this years designers Lucci of LuShyne with Jess from

That video and more to come!

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Anna Note- Designer

Naomi L- FashionIsMyReligion/Sensation Mode