Caravan Kids: Christian L'Enfant Roi SS12

The bell tower shook me and glaring up at each intricate detail outside caused me to shudder underneath my pearls. By Thomas models guarding the entrance like relics of fine spring strings unable to move. 
Walking in, a spirit, not that of god, grabbed me away from the usual hatred I am tormented with in this haus and replaced with the sacredness of Montreal's wardrobe worshipers.
 An arc of all the beautiful people desperate for a fashion fix and eager for the sermon that Christian L'Enfant Roi will showcase for Spring/Summer 2012.

Candles lit, lights dimmed exaggerating each ornate detail in this highest chapel.
Pews lined with onlookers bibleless but guarded with the holy light of their camera flashes tapping vigorously away on their smart phones to everyone who could not make it. 
First round a chorus of Thomas' girls, train of decadence. Without hesitation and lumbered enthrallment of a church service the virgin began to sing projectile operatics, solemn and true,.
Inspired by Opera Lakme of ambient orient which fused itself into the collection, a moving Jean-Leon Gerome painting.

Standouts for me were every single one piece, the natural accessories, knits, use of sea foam, prints, and the ultra chill vibe exuded by the serenity of every seasons collection.
Like a modern day Jesus traveling troupe barefoot in their elements.
Cocktails took us to the chapel for danceable music, fresh street style, candy, and a sponsorship from Boris beers, proving the blood of Christ is not always wine, and fashion is the new Christianity.

Eric-Aragon Couture, Jessica- JSI by Jessica Simon

Naomi L- Blogger of Fashion is My Religion/Sensation Mode

Botello et Muse

Dominique- Madly Juicy

Melanie B- Styliste

Jess of

Muse/Model Torben Rixen

Designer Christian L'Enfant Roi

More photos of the collections visit Le Photographiste by Sebastien Roy