The Sport of Queens.

Saddle up and gather your big hats, unicorns, and acid tabs as we take an equestrial journey to the races. 
Place your bets, down the grain, and watch as boys in dresses and girls in stirrups strut up and down the track. 
The dirty ponies came out to get hosed Saturday night for one of the biggest queer parties of the year, A Night At The Races!

Montreal's most fabulous gay parties, Gaybash, POMPe Thursdays, and Forget the Box came together for one epic night to end the Perver/Cite Celebrations,a natural reaction to the corporatization of Montreals other two prides. 
(Yes, we have three that's how gay we are) 
The vent also served as the launch of the EQEERIE Project as well as the after party for the Big Freedia Garden Party!
We pranced up with some of Montreal's fiercest homos featuring 17 DJ's and performance artists from Montreal and Toronto's Legwork, Mec Plus Ultra, Peer Pressure, Monster Ball and Shameless etc. and all in between two rooms at Espace des Arts. 

Enjoy the dream.