Spring Fling: Vintage Swap and Sale

  Spring Fling: Clothing Exchange & Sale

The day was cool, too cool, the remnants of stale beer, high hems, and other 5am unexplainables stained the air on the Main. The sun is tired and so are we creeping between tiny slits avoiding normal contact hidden behind shade and layer of Sunday`s laze and blaze. 
The perfect day to finish the weekend slugging around a new type of initiative.
 Not your neighborhood granola clothing swap but a full on experience.
The Spring Fling had the perfect political backdrop overlooking St. Laurent on Earth Day turned massive protest on the seventh day of rest. 
Greeted by free goodies at the door, some hidden with special prizes situated next to the bar, Em & Seb pastel palette treats and my personal favorite(besides the Sangria), was Pure Tea`s Hibiscus, Kiwi Strawberry, and lemongrass ices tea the perfect replacement for those not allowed to hit the bottle. 
I gathered the many things i couldn't wait to get rid of on the side as volunteers hung everything up accordingly, one side for swap and one side for all the blessed vintage vendors on the other.

 Brooke from Citizen Vintage and my collaborator on Mews II,  always at the forefront of vintage integrative projects was there styling in more outfit changes than hosting the Now Next Awards. Gina from our laws edition of Mews was representing reworked vintage, one of a kind, from Rose & Ruby one of the fastest growing line of designs in the city. 
A hidden gem this day created street style, swap, and a nostalgic chill vibe. 
I came out with some denim that fits like a glove of love, a pair of amazing short shorts, some floral, and a few animal pins by Genvieve Savard!
I am siked for the next edition and will be there camera and huge bag in tow.

collaborators/ Partinaires:

Citizen Vintage (clothing)


Rose & Ruby (jewelry)


Pointy Pants (clothing)


Pure Tea (tea)


Em & Seb (catering)


Granny B (accessories)


2B magazine


Genvieve savard (jewelry)


Julia Lurie (stylist)


Tom McGraw productions