No. 3 Soiree du Mode

I was late but that's not anything new, I am always tardy to get places.
Couldn't function a wardrobe but ended up leaving the apartment with one hand painted black and two feet exhausted from the weeks day planner. We arrived gracefully in accidental matching tips dressed in midnight, mirrors and spikes reflecting off of the main sign that lights up the block in front of Telus Theatre.

The room emersed in smoke for once not from me and the annual Soiree No. 3 began, for us atleast. Highlights include bags by C Comme Ça., jelwery and live design show by Elisa C-Rossou, and of course the street style.
Showstoppers included avant garde Anna Note featuring stylist now model Melanie Brisson.
And of course our Lucci Rojas for LuShyne moved the stage with Lady Gaga blasting through the speakers and true fashion on the catwalk. A great first collection filled with energy, sex, and structure.

Check out our interview with the designer for LuShyne:

Sebastien le Photographiste on the scene

Mon Look


Anna Note

Naomi L and I

Marina Marina

Photos: Danik Yopp and Tristan Harris