Drawing by Paule T.B.

This beautiful duo(on and off the catwalk) may be untitled but they are very much with a name.
These newcomers were one of my favorite showings this year at Sensation Mode Semaine De Mode 21.
 Modern silohettes, great use of print, and come on, an S&M mummy returns vibe caught me.
Leather jackets and vests were a stand out amonsgt the flowey fabrics and was defintly the crowds favorite pieces in the chatter.
I could see sin, redemption,  and those who don't give a fuck!
Crochet mixed with leather, studs and spikes screaming Danik Yopp!
( Men's collection anytime soon?)
I see HUGE seriously artistic, creative, fun collections in the future and I can't wait for next seasons showing!

But don't take my word or my mediocre photos from the seat I had and check them out at SENSATION MODE
or maybe ask Vogue Italia ( congrats boys!)
with only criticism coming from 2Bmag:
In all, the show might have gotten a boost from the models being able to walk a bit better in those wicked patent silver pumps. Hopefully, the Toronto Fashion Week M Benz trip they’re getting will include a few more models who know how to reallywalk.
I completely agree, a whole new level!

and video from Nudabite soon!

Collaborative Duo: José Manuel St-Jacques and Simon Bélanger

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