"Clothes should be simple but well thought. I love menswear for its tailoring qualities and womenswear, because it makes me dream. Great style happens when it really reflects who you are.

Innovation. Simplicity. Structure.

DUY this season really created a clean, fantastic nu mod collection.
And although this season was influenced by the desert, the cactuses and Zorro I see more elements of a modern day mod with much more tailoring with a vague spanish feel.
A first venture into menswear for the designer although not such a departure if you see the masculine influence in past collections and this year adding feminine touches to his menwear designs.
 I would wear every piece on the male models which added a spice of edge to the girlier designs, I am always a supporter of men in tights/leggings. 
This showing was one of my favorites of the week with unexpected hem lengths, hard details to offset the soft flowiness, to create a dreamy world that can only be in his head.

Front Row I spy Denis Gagnon & Lolitta Dandoy

Love this look!