Locked Inside Sand Dunes

"The beginning is always today." 
Mary Shelley

Tuesday's Leg Work was more pompous than usual as Hosts SASS's Ashley Daw and Tristan Ginger Harris will be leaving on a jet plan and evolving on to new projects for fall, leaving the spots open for some new surprises to Leg Work as the leaves float down.

Super vicious special guests ϟ Salivation Armyϟ, and ▲ Brain Expansion Program ▲(Sami Blanco/ Jody Hargreaves/ Igor Ivanov)

and of course resident disco drivers and never failing to lure me to the floors and elevated surface Wilcox & Promise

What is to come of our Tuesday night binge workout regime?
I guess stay tuned for you tuesday dance mission...


Leg Work Tuesdays
Blue Dog Motel
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