Legwork and the Angry Inch: Fringe edition

"Don't you know me Kansas City? I'm the new Berlin Wall. Try and tear me down!"
-Hedwig & the Angry Inch 

In honor of Montreal's Fringe Festival Last Week's LegWork was all about Hedwig & the Angry Inch.
I arrived unfashionably late and missed what was amazing performances 
and remixes performed by the acts star Antonio Bavaro.
But that did not stop the shit show wheels from turning.

Special Guests DJ: Alexs C
with resident sirens Wilcox & Promise, Leon Zane
and smoking hot hosts: SASS (in a tribal revival) & Tristan ( in bubble wrap biker jacket)

Don't miss tomorrow night's acid trip through pop coloured glasses as DJ Window will be spinning to the images of Kill Bill vol 2. and John Water's Female Trouble!

Free entry, drink specials, and amazingly good looking dance marathoners!

Blue Dog Motel
3958 Blvd. St. Laurent