Glamorous and Anarchy are hardly ever found in the same box of toys but this is the city of Montreal after all and the playground for the two to meet.
 For the second year I had to pleasure to 'volunteer' for a friends magazine at the Annual Anarchist Book Fair. 
I use the term volunteer lightly as one was to ensure drinks that night would be covered.

With over 100 vendors from Quebec, Canada, and abroad, the fair brings together 'anarchist ideas and practice, through words, images, music, theatre and day-to-day struggles for justice, dignity and collective liberation.'
Now a bookfair 'selling' pamphlets of information on social liberation and the poetry of political prisoners may sound more intellectual than glam but it is at the annual Glamarchist Dance Party at the end of the first tabling day where the glitter rains and the stage is my slave.
Other events include a cabaret, workshops, and film screenings. 

To find out more about what goes on 
and about next years fair( unlike me do not forget to charge your battery #bloggerfauxpas):