SMM20 Barila A/W 2011

Chic, sultry, with specs of edge this is a cohesive collection. A gem to have showing at montreal fashion week is a animal product free environment with amazing colorful faux furs and pleathers!
A ending off a bit old fashioned for me but i could see many staple pieces falling in to autumn with comfortable plaids,  a secretarial luxe and can we please become a world of hats again. 
I'm very glad I could attend this showing as with fur hag season still in and the seal hunt on going that we realize we as a society can be fashionable, value status and monetary value if you want and still appreciate life and and stand against injustice and cruelty at all levels. 
Its practical for everyone from the designer to the consumer to the animals we slaughter.
For lack of better words be fur free and fabuloso!