SMM 20: Ralph Leroy

   From the moment sir Leroy started his speech in the cocktail room, we knew something was being put on suspense.
 And with his last collection based on water it was about time he experimented with fire. 
Bring in the sounds of Lux Æterna, the ever damning leitmotif by Clint Mansell made ever so popular by the film 'Requiem for a Dream', and I'm on board. 
Though not so much feeling in a haze or dream (it is the beginning of the night) but on a late 1980s runway severed by the power of the devil herself. 
A bit old fashioned but thankfully overshadowed by innovation and drama
We may be here to see the clothes but how you present them is just as important if you want to be remembered in this industry for years to come. 
Could have done without the use of whatever animal is in grey but I sure as hell will be rocking those hot red leggings and trench!