all of the tress were in light. they had no faces to show.

our saturday afternoon in the dark crystal.

if a man can bridge the gap between life and death,
if he can live on after he's dead,
then maybe he was a great man

Photographer: Loren Segal
Stylist: Danik Yopp, Cory Waheed(
Artistic Directors: Danik Yopp, Loren Segal, Cory Waheed

flowers bloom on the inside.


its almost spring.
i swear.
march is like a week away. and i cant wait.
i got some effing school things this weekend
but all i need is a litte bit of sunshine, a new pair of glasses, and the snow to fall asleep.

a taste to win.

Vegan Iron Chef Competition 2010

Concordia University

pinky <3>

me pretending im taking a picture of the "food"

more like the dessert
the competitors teamed up: Mathieu Barrot and Cameron Fenton

the winner amazing douglas mcnish of toronto

celebrity judges marie-genevieve lamoth, georges laraque and judith woodward

school ceo/president

the sexy competitors

a piece of marie-genevieves amazing cooking, she has a catering company here in mtl

the losing platters

most pics taken sitting down...

i had to help man the raffle with jes and cora.

which i didn't win by the way :-/

but some bitch won twice?


congrats to our friend Doug!!!!

and all the sponsors that came out!

aint on scene in the v.i.p. for me..

effing sweet skeleton bracelet and ring.
turquoise may be one of the loves of my life.
does that mean i'm all done?
i won't have anymore, Charlotte?

The Fall of a Queen.

Lee Alexander McQueen
16 March 1969 – 11 February 2010

“Really, what I’m aiming for is world domination!"

You have dominated and now you will be missed.
Your legacy will never be forgotten.
Your passion and art will always influence our minds,
our life and the way we see the world.
Rest In Peace
We have lost an icon.
Now he lives forever.