She Had on That Scarf I Gave You

Blvd. St. Laurent

I just surpassed my 300th post since I began back in 2007.
My how times flies when you really don't have a clue what your doing or what to expect.
I mean at some point in my life i did think this is where i'd be through idolization of false heroes or what i just pictured guys like me would be.
I mirror my mentors in a life of tragedy, rock n roll, drugs, alcohol, and everything in between.
Everything but the glamour and vanity you can't seem to spill.
Does this mean i'll die early not necessarily young?
Thy soul is your truest form of numerical identity.
Your only as young as you feel but no one reminds you that your also as old as you feel.
This was the point when it was suppose to all clear up, well not clear but remain less bombarded.
I had not had enough to drink trying to chug red wine when your not even sure what to wear.
Sirens and horns trying to surpass each other in the snowy haze.
Never understood the resale of an old issue.
You don't believe in evolution? 
Well things will have to change, they always change constantly recycling into a new.
Part of it is you.
Part of it is me.
The way it ends is up to the future.
To another 300 more.

Happy Holidays.