and so we BANGed..

Congratulations to Ben from Montreal for winning Montreal Street Fashion's first ever giveaway!!
Soon a sexy smelling box of sex will be at your door stop!

Thank you everyone who BANGED but I could only choose one winner but here are some of my favorite entries:

A Consumer Awareness Report:  
  Coty Inc, one of the worlds leading beauty product empires and responsible for the ownership of the Marc Jacobs 'Bang' brand, has been in the media recently as the new owner of OPI Products Inc. Coty Inc made a statement in May 2010 that they indeed do not test on animals though recent news speculate that very fact is not true as of this time as many followers of OPI (who currently do not test on animals) may be upset to know their hard earned nail polish may profit a horrible empire. Although I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs and especially of his new parfume 'Bang' but I do have to say I am not the biggest fan of archaic practices that we no longer infact need. and although I am guilty of using an array of products sanctioned by the research demons, I did think it was important for any consumers reading about my giveaway contest to be aware.

For a list of companies and products that do NOT test on animals please visit:

and thank you to Matchstick for once again a successful campaign together!