2010 Video GaGa Awards

the Bad Girls of Pop

falling asleep during foreplay and now falling asleep getting dressed for award shows... anyone else think it was fucked that katy perry wasnt performing but her pillpoppin ex Travis  performed? and having chris brown perform after last year? Where was the bobby brown/K fed duet?
ke$ha and the trash bag outfit..priceless! now all you haters who call her trashy can take it!

Over all the obvious trends were sequins, very short hems, aves inspired frocks( i wanna see your peacock cock cock...), and the men looked plainer than a miley video.
 Loved cheslea as a host and i hope she does it again every year!
 and lets hope gaga doesnt wear any more meat...?
 ( www.meatismurder.com/ www.goveg.com )
 but please DO look up her cause and help repeal DONT ASK DONT TELL.