The Apple Was Way Too Big.

New York, New York

Okay well in honor of the amazing NYC pride i half don't remember, half was a ho, and half just a hot mess i thought I'd address something that's been bothering me and destroying my city. Never have i ever in my 3+ years of living in Montreal have i witnessed so many acts of hatred towards the biggest source of tourism money in Montreal, the gays. I don't know if you noticed or if its one of those things "our" community has been facing but . I myself have been victim as well as many friends of mine, with every ones favorite hyper-masculine term of hatred "faggot" has been shout out of car windows, or in the faces of confused gays on the streets in some of the most diverse and metropolitan areas of the city.

I don't know if these bigots know anything about the history of Montreal or its source of acceptance and open-mindedness...when it comes to sexual orientation or just those who speak french or maybe its a rebound effect after the past years of acceptance as "Fag" as a term of endearment amongst many across the spectrum. maybe tourist season is just migrating from western areas of bush country, or maybe they're just jealous of our boogie? either way get out of Montreal and reclaim your masculinity in someone else's yard because right now your just flattering me that you decided to take time out of your day to address us as we stomp on by you on a road statistically more successful than our straight brothers

Happy Prides across the world!