More Toronto

New camera is in the mail and will be back to regular posting soon but until then here is some more favorite from last weeks Toronto L'Oreal Fashion Week!!

Based here in Montreal!

This next designer you have seen on Project Runway and had an amazing last season at fashion week. He's back with a calmer more serene collection. I don't believe it lives up to his last but i do enjoy the starfish influence and the use of the overexposed bleeding color prints.

Lucian Matis

Play Dead Cult/ Damzels in this Dress
my personal favorite.

I am loving the ambiguity of this colleection, using women in a mens collection = brilliant. Are men in heels next? Isis from ANTM anyone?

I chose this next collection because I have rocked the runway for them before.


Most exciting and unique this year and maybe my new favorite.

Evan Biddell

Align Center